About us

The Housing Industry Association supports the interests of over 40,000 building professionals in small to medium family-run businesses. HIA looks after the interests of:

HIA is the largest building industry association providing a strong lobbying voice and better outcomes for building businesses.

The HIA logo is proudly displayed as a badge of professionalism on building sites, vehicles and clothing right around Australia.

HIA building professionals are informed and up-to-date with all the latest industry developments, including technical and business advice. HIA members subscribe to a strict code of conduct that sets acceptable standards of commercial behaviour, which provides additional peace of mind for you – the homeowner.

So if you’re thinking of building or renovating, be sure to look for the HIA logo, or ask your builder or contractor if they are HIA members to ensure you are dealing with HIA members – the best in the business

Listings on Tradebuild are available only to HIA members. If you work in the housing industry, and want help, information and advice, see HIA’s member benefits page to find out more about joining HIA.